Custom car, Vehicle vinyl wrap, Automotive aftermarket, performance, Custom exhuast, Car suspension, Offroading, Tire & Wheel, and pretty much anything you need. Welcome to Charlotte's premier Auto repair shop and Vehicle customization experts.

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Vehicle repair, modifications, accessories, customization, & restyling

Get a load of all the services KMF Customz offers to our Charlotte customers, and you'll begin to get a sense why we're considered Charlotte's top Automobile repair shop, Vehicle Graphics shop, and Custom car expert!

Vehicle Graphics

Whether you want your Business Logo or some personal Graphics, our Vehicle Graphics and vinyl wraps are the best in Charlotte!

Automobile repair shop

KMF Customz does a lot of mods and wraps, but we also are a basic Auto repair shop and Vehicle Mechanic for Maintenance and upkeep.

Automotive lighting

From fog lights to LED to HID to rock lights to ditch lights, KMF Customs are experts in all forms of Automotive lighting upgrades!

Intake & Intake manifold

Upgrading your Vehicle Intake is one of the easiest ways to increase Horsepower and Performance, and KMF Customz is your place.

Suspension lift

KMF Customz installs all lift kits, from Rough Country to Pro Comp and all the other Suspension lift brands!

Chrome delete and styling

Whether you  want your emblem to stand out, your chrome deleted, your grille blacked out, or your headlights smoked, give us a call!

Vehicle vinyl wrap

Change your Vehicle Color with a Vehicle vinyl wrap from KMF Customz. Go matte black, Nardo Grey, camo, or anything else you want!

Jeep customization

From installing Automotive aftermarket accessories like Mopar and ARB, to wrapping your Jeep, we're Charlotte's Jeep masters.

Window film & Perforation

Window film can provide Vehicle Graphics for your car windows, and special Perforation openings allow you to see through it!

Performance upgrades

With bolt-on performance, Intake upgrades, Turbocharger install, and other mods, we can squeeze max Horsepower from your ride.

Custom Exhaust

From your Muffler to your Exhaust tips, KMF Customz can remake your Exhaust system to look and perform better!

Car suspension

KMF Customz can do all sorts of modifications to your Suspension, including lifting, leveling, lowering, and upgrading!

Racing stripe & vinyl accents

We can apply a Racing stripe (or 2), accent your Hood with carbon fiber, or otherwise make your Vehicle look great with vinyl accents!

Boat wrap / lettering / Decal

Let's not forget boats! KMF Customz can wrap your boat, install stripes, decals, and lettering, and whatever other stylistic embellisments you want.

Remote starter

Yes, you can have a Remote starter installed in your Vehicle -- for less than you might think. Let KMF Customz upgrade your Ignition system!

Carbon Fiber accents

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer has a classy, sporty  look, and our carbon wrap adds flair to your Bumper, Hood, Fender, Roof, or other parts.

Offroading upgrades

From a Suspension lift to Off-road tires to Automotive aftermarket accessories, KMF can have your whip ready for the wilds!

Tow hitch & racks

We 'll install your Tow hitch, Luggage rack, Bicycle carrier, or other Automotive aftermarket accessory. We cover all major brands.

Block letters & Decal

KMF Customz is your source for custom Block letters in the Charlotte area. Tell us what you want to say, and we'll make and install them!

Running board & Side Step

If you want a Running board, Side Step, or other Truck accessories, call KMF Customz so we can order and install the perfect one.

Jeep Automotive aftermarket

Jeeps are so great to customize because there are so many Automotive aftermarket options. From Mopar to ARB, we do them all!

Headlamp upgrades

Whether you want HID, LED, smoked-out, or otherwise enhanced headlights, KMF Customz is the place to get it done.

Decal & Vehicle Graphics

Call KMF Customz for your custom Decal, Sticker, or other Vehicle Graphics. We use the finest 3M and Avery Dennison materials!

Wheel & Tire

Whether you want Forgiato aftermarket wheels or knobby Offroading tires, KMF Customz is your source for all tire & wheel upgrades.
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Charlotte Automobile repair shop - KMF Customz

KMF Customz is an Automobile repair shop, a Vehicle Graphics provider, a Custom Truck Accessories shop, and an Automotive aftermarket installer serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. KMF stands for “Keep Moving Forward” and reflects our drive to deliver exceptional Custom car and Vehicle vinyl wrap work for our customers in Charlotte and beyond. 

KMF Customz Business info

KMF Customz
447 Oakleigh Ln
Oakboro NC 28129
(980) 206 3903

The following are just a few of the many services that KMF Customz provides to Charlotte car enthusiasts and local businesses:

• Vehicle Graphics including Logo, Fleet vehicle wrap, Brand Advertising on Vehicle
• Custom Exhaust upgrades and Exhaust system Modifications
• Automotive aftermarket upgrades and accessories
• Car suspension (leveling kit, lift kit, lowering kit, Suspension repair)
• Vehicle vinyl wrap including color change, chrome delete, Hood wrap, Roof wrap, and full car wrap
• Racing stripe application
• Paint protection film
• Tire & Wheel upgrades
• Bolt-on Performance
• Custom Truck Accessories
• Automotive lighting including light bar, Spotlight, front fog lights, Light-emitting diode (LED) HID Headlamp, rock lights, ditch lights, Wheel lights, and more
• Aftermarket exhaust parts
• Anti-roll bar
• ARB accessories
• Ignition system and Remote starter
• Off-road tire upgrades
• Suspension lift
• Horsepower modifications
• Turbocharger installation
• Offroading accessories and upgrades
• Tow hitch installation
• Decal to go on window (Perforation or Window film) or Vehicle Paint
• Wall decal
• Window film
• …and much more.

We specialize in Custom car projects, Automotive aftermarket and Custom Truck Accessories including Custom exhaust with Aftermarket exhaust parts, Tire and Wheel upgrades, customized Automobile lighting (including fog lights), Horsepower and Performance upgrades (including Intake and Turbocharger), Car suspension and Suspension lift (including lift kits, leveling kits, lowering kits), and Offroading customization (including Off-road tire, Anti-roll bar, Suspension lift, Custom Truck Accessories). If you want customizing done on your Vehicle, call KMF Customz today!

Whether you want a lift kit on your F150, a Cold air intake on your Charger, a Side Step on your Jeep Wrangler, a Decal or Vehicle Graphics on your Yukon, or Forgiato Wheels on your Maserati, KMF Customz is the Charlotte shop to get it done! We take pride in our work and are passionate about upgrading, personalizing, or otherwise enhancing your car, truck, SUV, sports car, or whatever else you happen to be driving. Call (704) 761 8818 today for a KMF Customz consultation! Our turnaround is fast, our prices are competitive and very fair, and our quality is second to none!

Vehicle vinyl wraps from KMF Customz can be a solid Color or can also be patterns, such as Camouflage or other Large format printing designs. Whether you opt for matte black, gunmetal gray, or hot pink vinyl wrap, your color change from KMF Customz is sure to look amazing! With hundreds of Vehicle vinyl wrap Colors to choose from, call KMF Customz today to get yours started!

KMF Customz does Vehicle vinyl wraps for: cars, trucks, vans, trailers, boats, box trucks, food trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, and almost every other sort of Vehicle you can imagine. We believe that every Vehicle owner has a unique Style and that we can help you bring out that Style in your Vehicle’s appearance by using Vehicle vinyl wraps!

KMF Customz has become one of Charlotte’s top Automotive aftermarket specialists and Custom car shops by building a relationship, customer by customer, with Vehicle customizing enthusiasts throughout Charlotte and beyond. If you would like to join the KMF Customz Custom car family, call today to talk Vehicle customizing, Automotive aftermarket parts, modifications, accessories, and Custom Truck Accessories!

Vehicle Graphics
KMF Customz Vehicle Graphics use the finest Vehicle vinyl wrap materials from 3M and Avery Dennison to create beautiful Signage on your Vehicle. Mobile advertising with KMF Customz Vehicle Graphics is one of the best ways to let your prospective Charlotte customers know about your business or organization! Studies show that most people take note of and remember Vehicle Graphics more than other forms of Advertising. Your Fleet vehicle or personal Vehicle already is seen by millions of people, so why not take advantage of all those views to turn your car, truck, van, or trailer into a traveling Decal Billboard to let all your fellow Charlotte residents know of your product or service!

If you already have your Graphics, just send KMF Customz your vector file (.ai, .pdf, .svg, or other vector format) for the best Business Branding you can possibly imagine. It’s time to get your Brand out on the streets of Charlotte!

KMF Customz has Large format printing capabilities, so no Vehicle is too large for our Graphics! Whether you have a Food truck, box Truck, Bus, or some other large Vehicle, we can cover all or part of it with our awesome Vehicle Graphics!

We look forward to discussing how our custom Signage on your Vehicle can drive your business and your profitability! KMF Customz believes that Vehicle Graphics in the form of a printed Vehicle vinyl wrap is a smart decision for most local businesses. It’s time for Charlotte to know what you offer!

Fleet vehicle Graphics
KMF Customz Vehicle Graphics are the perfect Mobile advertising solution for your Business Fleet vehicle! Regardless of whether your fleet consists of a single Van, 30 trucks, 70 sedans, or any other combination of Vehicles, a Vehicle vinyl wrap with your Graphics and Branding is just the thing to expose your Business to Charlotte and get the customers you want and need! With KMF Customz Vehicle Graphics, each Fleet vehicle will continue Advertising for you year after year as your it travels Charlotte streets and freeways. Your Fleet vehicle will even advertise for you while it’s parked!

KMF Customz uses Large format printing to turn your Logo, your Branding, and your company message into a full-scale Decal that covers ¼, ½, or all of your Fleet vehicle. Our Vehicle Graphics are printed onto the highest quality Vehicle vinyl wrap materials from top manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison.
For your Fleet vehicle, KMF Customz also offers printed Window film! Our Window film has Perforation which allow you to see through it. From the outside, it looks like Vehicle Graphics on your car windows. From the inside, it looks like—not much at all! Graphics on Window film: a great addition to a Vehicle vinyl wrap, or a standalone way to make your Fleet vehicle stand out!

It’s time to take your Branding and Advertising seriously with Vehicle Graphics from KMF Customz!

A Decal from KMF Customz can come in many different forms. It could be an application of Window film or Perforation with Graphics that still allow you to see through the window. It could be a printed graphic that covers part of your Vehicle. Or, it could be a full Vehicle vinyl wrap with Large format printing. Often, a Business will use a Decal for Branding and to let potential customers throughout Charlotte know about its product or service. 

Whether you opt for a small Decal or a full Vehicle Graphics Decal, KMF Customz is sure to please! We use only the highest-grade Vehicle vinyl wrap materials from top-tier manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison. 

A Decal from KMF Customz is the perfect form of Advertising because it travels with you around Charlotte and is seen by thousands or even millions of potential customers. Call KMF Customz today to discuss getting your Branding on your Fleet vehicle, Storefront, Retail window, or other high-view surface as soon as possible!

Window film
Window film from KMF Customz turns your Vehicle windows into Signage! You can still see through the Perforation of the Window film, yet people from the outside will see Vehicle Graphics on your window! It’s a type of Decal, and it’s pure magic!

Window film works great as a compliment to Vehicle Graphics in the form of a Vehicle vinyl wrap, but it also can work well as a stand-alone. Regardless of which option you choose, KMF Customz Window film looks amazing when it comes out of our Large format printing process and onto your Vehicle windows!

Alternatively, KMF Customz offers a variety of Window film options for Storefront, Retail, and other architectural Window applications. 

Color change car wrap
KMF Customz’s color change car wraps are a type of Vehicle vinyl wrap that alters the Color of your Vehicle. KMF Customz offers hundreds of Color options from 3M and Avery Dennison. Whether you want ice blue, nardo gray, or army green, KMF Customz will have you driving in Style!

KMF Customz Vehicle vinyl wrap technicians are experienced in working with 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl products and will make sure your car, truck, van, boat, trailer, or other Vehicle is properly prepped and the Vehicle vinyl wrap installed correctly for many years of service.

With a Color change car wrap from KMF Customz, you are no longer limited to Manufacturer colors but have your aesthetic horizons opened to a broad new palette of color options for your Vehicle!

Racing stripe
A Racing stripe can be just the Color accent to give your Vehicle a unique Style! KMF Customz Vehicle vinyl wrap applicators are skilled in applying all types of Racing stripe. Whether you have already purchased your Racing stripe, or you want KMF Customz to purchase a Racing stripe for you, you can rest assured that it will look terrific!

Racing stripes look terrific as a single Style touch, or as one component of a larger Vehicle restyling project! For example, a Color change Vehicle vinyl wrap with a Racing stripe, or a partial Vehicle vinyl wrap with a Racing stripe to match (hood wrap with Racing stripe on each side of the Vehicle; roof wrap with double Racing stripe down the center of the hood, or many many more Racing stripe options)!

If you’re considering a Racing stripe for your Vehicle as a way to accentuate its Style and make it stand out on the streets of Charlotte and beyond, feel free to call KMF Customz to discuss ideas!

Carbon fiber wrap
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrap gives your Vehicle a sporty, high-end aesthetic. Whether you want a carbon fiber Vehicle vinyl wrap on your whole car, or as a Style accent, KMF Customz can install it for you! Carbon fiber wrap looks amazing on mirrors, hood, or other Vehicle components!

Here are some ideas for how KMF Customz can make your vehicle really pop with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrap:

- Whole-car Vehicle vinyl wrap in nardo gray with carbon fiber wrap Racing stripe
- Carbon fiber wrap on hood
- Carbon fiber chrome delete
- Carbon fiber wrap on mirrors
- Carbon fiber wrap on Vehicle trim

If you like the finer points of Vehicle Style, you might consider carbon fiber wrap as part of your Auto detailing and Color strategy! Call Company today to discuss how Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer can transform your car, truck, SUV, van, or other Vehicle as part of a Vehicle vinyl wrap!

Camouflage Vehicle vinyl wrap
Camouflage comes in many patterns! If you’re considering a Vehicle vinyl wrap in some type of Camouflage pattern, call KMF Customz today to discuss camo vinyl wrap options. Camo vinyl wraps are one of the most stylish Vehicle vinyl wrap options available!

Desert Camouflage, snow Camouflage, street camo: these are just a few of the many camo vinyl wrap patterns available. With all of the different camo wrap options offered by 3M and Avery Dennison, you’re almost sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

However, if you decide you want a Camouflage Vehicle vinyl wrap that’s totally original, ask KMF Customz to design and print one for you!

Regardless of which camo wrap pattern you opt for, a camo car wrap from KMF Customz is sure to make your Vehicle stand out on the street or freeway with Style!

Chrome delete Vehicle vinyl wrap
A chrome delete is a type of Auto detailing done to your Vehicle that involves KMF Customz changing its Style and appearance by applying Vehicle vinyl wrap to the shiny areas of your Vehicle trim. A KMF Customz chrome delete gives your Vehicle a clean, understated Style.

Often, KMF Customz customers opt for a matte black vinyl for their chrome delete, but we can do other options as well.

KMF Customz only uses the finest vinyl wrap materials for our chrome delete projects, made by either 3M or Avery Dennison.

3M Vehicle vinyl wrap
3M manufactures some of the best Vehicle vinyl wrap products on the market today, and KMF Customz is proud to offer 3M wraps to our Charlotte customers. Along with Avery Dennison Vehicle vinyl wrap, 3M is one of two brands we use. 

From the 3M website: “Want to completely change the color of your car? Maybe add vehicle graphics or branding to your van, or make sure your paintwork isn't getting chipped or scratched? We can even protect your car interior and passengers from harmful sun rays… Give your vehicle a fresh new look with our car wraps. Choose from 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 or 3M™ Print Wrap Films. Choose from over 100 existing colors or create a customizable wrap with a variety of textures and finishes.”

Call KMF Customz today at (980) 206 3903 to discuss 3M Color choices and to schedule your 3M Vehicle vinyl wrap!

Avery Dennison Vehicle vinyl wrap
Avery Dennison manufactures some of the best Vehicle vinyl wrap products on the market today, and KMF Customz is proud to offer Avery Dennison wraps to our Charlotte customers. Along with 3M Vehicle vinyl wrap, Avery Dennison is one of two brands we use.

From the Avery Dennison website: “The Supreme Wrapping™ Film car wraps portfolio, and MPI 1105 and MPI 1405 digital wrapping films, take command of soft, subtle hues and bold, bright colors to achieve a wide variety of custom effects and graphic finishes. Premium vinyl vehicle wraps from Avery Dennison combine style with performance, versatility and easy application for a stunning transformation of any vehicle.”

“Faster positioning and air bubble-free car wrapping film application
Long term removability after the intended period of use
Even the most experienced applicators are more productive, compared to the standard permanent adhesive
Cost-efficient application
Available in opaque and textured, special effect, and metallic options”

Call today to discuss how KMF Customz can transform your car, truck, van, or SUV with a Vehicle vinyl wrap manufactured by Avery Dennison! With a huge range of Color options, we’re sure to find something that expresses your unique Style and personality!

Custom Exhaust and Aftermarket exhaust parts
Your Exhaust system is probably stock, meaning what the vehicle manufacturer specified for all of a given Vehicle make and model. A stock Exhaust system isn't bad, but you can definitely do better. A Custom Exhaust system with Aftermarket exhaust parts can increase the Performance of your Vehicle and can also look better. Here at KMF Customz, we love to talk shop an all things related to Aftermarket exhaust parts and Custom Exhaust systems! From your header to your downpipe, catalytic converter to crossover pipes, we can listen to your budget and vision and help you achieve it. Whether you want to upgrade your Inlet manifold, get a snorkel, or upgrade to some sexy exhaust tips, KMF Customz is the place to get Intake and Exhaust work and Automotive aftermarket exhaust installation in Charlotte!

Horsepower and Performance
There are many things KMF Customz can do to your Vehicle to get more Horsepower, more Torque, and more Performance from it. Most of these involve the installation of various Automotive aftermarket and Bolt-on products, and the perfect solution is different for every Vehicle. Call today to discuss which performance ugrades are right for your specific Vehicle and your goals for it! We can discuss whether a new or different Ignition system is right, whether a different Intake will help you coax more Horsepower from your Engine, or whether a Turbocharger fits with your goals and budget. We can talk Wheel size and choice, Car suspension and how it plays into Horsepower, and which Air filter and Intake you should be using.

Car suspension
If you want a Suspension lift on your SUV, a higher-quality Shock absorber on your Car suspension, or a leveling kit on your Pickup truck, KMF Customz is your Charlotte shop for all suspension-related Modifications and upgrades! We use only the best Custom Truck Accessories, Car suspension components, and Automotive aftermarket suspension products! Whether you love Rough Country lift kits, BDS lift kits, Elbach lowering kits, Zone leveling kits, or special custom Hydraulics, KMF Customz is the place for Car suspension modifications and Custom car suspension work!

Charlotte Luggage rack, Bicycle carrier, and Automotive aftermarket racks
Whether you are a Thule fanatic or are loyal to Yakima, whether you need to transport a kayak, some skis, or a Mountain bike, KMF Customz can install all types of racks, carriers, and other contraptions. From Luggage racks to Bicycle carriers, we are Charlotte's top installer of Automotive aftermarket racks for SUV, Car, Truck, and other Vehicle owners!

Charlotte Vehicle customizing
If you're considering Automotive aftermarket components, Custom car features, or other types of upgrades to your Vehicle, there's a lot to think about! Fortunately, KMF Customz is here to bounce ideas off! We love discussing Modifications, so use us as your sounding board! There's nothing we'd rather do than talk Custom exhaust, Custom Truck Accessories, Horsepower, custom lighting, and Suspension lifts with Charlotte Vehicle owners and fellow Car enthusiasts! So, don't try to figure this out by yourself; pick up the (980) 206 3903 and give KMF Customz a call!

Whether you want offroad or street, we’ve got your specialized Tire, Rim, and Wheel resources to take your rig to the next level.

If you need a Tow hitch installed on your Car, Truck, Sports Utility Vehicle, or Van, let KMF Customz install it for you! You can pull your Trailer down the freeway with peace of mind, knowing that your Tow hitch was installed correctly by true Automotive aftermarket professionals!

Custom Automotive lighting
So much can be done with Automotive lighting, and here at KMF Customz, we love to do all types of Automotive lighting customizing! We do interior Vehicle Lighting, custom Headlamps, Aftermarket automotive Lighting upgrades, Light-emitting diode (LED) upgrades, HID headlights, Rock lights, Wheel lights, ditch lights, interior dome lights, door lights, and so much more. If you're considering any type of Automotive lighting modification or upgrade, call and talk to us about your options!

Tire, Wheel, & Rim upgrades
If you have the budget and want the best Wheels, KMF Customz can hook you up with Aftermarket automotive Wheel brands like Vossen Wheels, Savini Wheels, Forgiato Wheels, Lexani, Nutek, and other high-end Wheels brands. If you want to go more low-key, we can do that too. If you're into Offroading in your Four-wheel drive, maybe you want a specialty Off-road tire. Or, a nice Snow tire if your Offroading happens to be in the winter in snowy locales. Whatever your Tire and Wheels pleasure, KMF Customz is your Charlotte Aftermarket automotive shop to get your vehicle outfitted properly!

Offroading Modifications
Offroading is a blast, especially when your Four-wheel drive Offroading Vehicle has the proper Modifications from Charlotte's top Automotive aftermarket shop! From Off-road tire selection to Mudflap choice, from lift kits to snorkels and other Intake options, KMF Customz is the ultimate authority when it comes to Offroading Modifications for your Vehicle! We're talking fog lights, rock lights, light bars, Anti-roll bar, Bolt-on performance, ARB accessories, custom Bumper, Grille, Nerf bar, Winch, Spotlight, and pretty much anything else you can dream up. We can talk about what Suspension lift (lift kit) is right for you, depending on the Wheelbase of your Vehicle and what Clearance you'll need for where you're going. We'll discuss whether you should upgrade to a larger-diameter Wheel or not. So, where would you like to go?

Automotive aftermarket accessories installation
KMF Customz is your source for all of your favorite accessories brands. From ARB winches to Luggage racks to Thule Bicycle carriers to Remote start installation to custom Car suspension components, front fog lights, Mudflap installation, Nerf bar installation, and much much more, KMF Customz just loves loves loves installing Automotive aftermarket accessories! Whether you want a nice Running board installed, a Spoiler on the back of your car, or a Tow hitch, we're thrilled to do it all!

Vehicle restyling
In addition to serving as an Automotive repair shop, Automotive aftermarket components installer, and Custom Truck Accessories supplier, KMF Customz also is a full-service Vehicle vinyl wrap shop. We can transform the aesthetic of your Vehicle with a color change car wrap, a chrome delete, some headlight tint, taillight tint, a Grille blackout, or a partial wrap of your Hood, Roof, Spoiler, Fender, or other Vehicle component. KMF Customz can also install Racing stripes, Decals, Window film (including perforated window graphics) and more.

Remote starter installation
Did you ever wish your vehicle's Ignition system had a Remote starter? Well, guess what? KMF Customz can make that wish a reality! For less than you might expect, your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, or other Vehicle will soon be converted to Remote starter. Let KMF Customz upgrade your Ignition system to Remote starter! Call today to discuss Remote starter options and prices!

Mechanic work
In addition to being a Custom car specialist, KMF Customz is also an Automobile repair shop and Mechanic. Whether you want routine Vehicle Maintenance (like an Engine Oil change with new Oil filter, or a new Air filter, for example) or a replacement of your Hydraulic power steering pump, new Brakes, some Radiator repairs, or anything else, call today to schedule your appointment!

Tire rotation, Tire balance, Tire repair
Sure, we do Tire and Wheel upgrades. But what if you're happy with your current Tire and Wheel setup and you just need your tires balanced? KMF Customz can do that for you. We can repair a flat Tire, rotate your tires, and do other Tire and Wheel work.

Radiator Maintenance, Radiator repair
KMF Customz can flush your Radiator, replace your Radiator, or do other Radiator work on your Vehicle.

Power steering
KMF Customz can replace your Power steering pump, top off your Power steering fluids, or do other Maintenance and repair work on your Steering assembly!

Automobile brakes
KMF Customz does all types of work on Automobile brakes, including Brake pad replacement, Brake rotors, Brake master cylinder, and pretty much any other type of Brake work your Vehicle can come up with for us.

Exhaust system Maintenance and repair
If you need a new Catalytic converter, KMF Customz can get it done. Ditto to a new Muffler. Whatever repairs your Exhaust system needs, just bring it on down to our shop and we'll have it handled in no time!

Car suspension repair and Maintenance
KMF Customz can handle all your Car suspension needs, from new Shock absorbers to anything else that your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van might need, suspension-wise.

Automobile repair shop FAQ by KMF Customz

Are car wraps durable?

Vehicle vinyl wraps are not immune to damage, but a high-quality brand such as Avery Dennison or the 3M Company can last a long time if they are properly installed, and if they are properly cared for while on the Vehicle. Gently wash the Vehicle vinyl wrap regularly and, if possible keep it out of the sun--especially for extended exposure. 

Quality of the Vehicle vinyl wrap material matters. A lot. Cheap or off-brand vinyl may look great when first installed, but may likely fade or bubble after a few months. Say you spent $1,700 on a wrap with some low-quality brand and saved $300 by doing so. You thought you saved $300, but you actually flushed $1,700 away. Plus, who knows what adhesive that off-brand manufacturer used on the Vehicle vinyl wrap? It’s possible that the failed vinyl may not come cleanly off the car. Maybe it will leave adhesive residue, or take some paint with it. Basically, poor-quality vinyl can lead to a horror show. Do yourself a favor and use Vehicle vinyl wrap from proven brands. Again, 3M and Avery Dennison are the top two, but there are others who are good as well.

Quality of the installation matters as well. Some Vehicle graphics companies may cut corners on preparation, for example, whereas a good shop will spend adequate time cleaning the Paint from even hidden contaminants that may adversely affect adhesion.

Finally, once the Vehicle vinyl wrap is installed, how the Vehicle owner cares for it, and how the Vehicle is stored also matters. Is it left in the sun? Is it washed frequently with a gentle soap? Similarly to Paint, proper care and storage will extend the life of the Vehicle vinyl wrap.

If you want to really go the extra mile, KMF Customz recommends you have your Vehicle vinyl wrap Ceramic coated. Ceramic coating is an amazing technology that works wonders for wrap longevity and appearance.

Are vinyl wraps worth it?

Asking if a Vehicle vinyl wrap is “worth it” is like asking if full coverage insurance is worth it. Depends on the value of the Vehicle. A good Vehicle vinyl wrap is not cheap, but if the cost is marginal to the value of the car, then of course the value is there and is “worth it.” Especially if your Paint is in good condition. A car wrap will preserve your Vehicle finish and thus preserve its resale value.

If the cost of the Vehicle vinyl wrap equals the value of the car, it may not make financial sense to wrap it, but you still may want to for other reasons. See, there are more ways for something to be “worth it” than monetary logic, which is why we people take vacations. For example, maybe you really want that cool camo and can afford it—so why not? Or, you’re starting a business and choose to wrap your 8-year-old van because the Advertising value for your Business is worth it. Whatever you decide to do, if it’s in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, we at KMF Customz hope you choose us for your Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle vinyl wrap needs!

Can a wrapped car go through a carwash?

KMF Customz recommends avoiding automatic car washes. If you want to be absolutely certain you're in the clear with whatever washing you're doing, following Manufacturer recommendations is the surest bet. For example, Avery Dennison says the following about their Vehicle vinyl wrap with regard to Automatic car washes: “A brushless automatic car wash with just spray is acceptable. The automated brush wash is not recommended as the brushes may scratch the vinyl surface, catch and lift the edges of the vinyl wrap, reduce the gloss finish and/or create a failure point.”

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth. Use automatic car washes with care, and make sure they don’t have brushes.

Can wrapping a car damage it?

An inexperienced or amateur installer could potentially damage Vehicle Paint while installing a Vehicle vinyl wrap, but a trained and certified car wrap professional is always careful to avoid amateur mistakes such as cutting vinyl on the car. Properly done, a Vehicle vinyl wrap will never damage the car, but will do the opposite: extend its lifespan by protecting the Paint finish.

Can you ceramic coat a wrap?

Yes, you can Ceramic coat a Vehicle vinyl wrap. In fact, here at KMF Customz, we always recommend it. Ceramic coating will protect and preserve the vinyl, and will make washing and care so much easier. The durable Ceramic will keep bird droppings and other corrosives off of the Vehicle vinyl wrap--just as it does for Vehicle Paint.

Can you wash a car that has been wrapped?

Can you wash a car that has Vehicle graphics or a Vehicle vinyl wrap? The short answer is yes, you can wash a wrapped car. The longer answer is you may want to be careful in doing so. 3M, on of the most respected Vehicle vinyl wrap manufacturers, recommends using “a wet, non-abrasive detergent such as 3M™ Car Wash Soap 39000 or Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash or Deep Crystal® Car Wash and a soft, clean cloth or sponge.” They then instruct that one “rinse thoroughly with clean water. To reduce water spotting, immediately use a silicone squeegee to remove water and finish with a clean microfiber cloth.” Regarding automated car washes, 3M says that “vinyl wraps may be run through car washes. Touch less car washes are the best for graphic care. Use of brush car washes (depending upon the frequency and quality of brush) may cause dulling/scratching/lifting edge of the graphics.” So there you have it, right from the manufacturer. 

Other manufacturers, such as Avery Dennison, have similar recommendations. Here is an excerpt from Avery Dennison’s instructions for the washing and care of a Vehicle vinyl wrap: “PVC films behave similar to automotive paint if left in constant contact with dirt, grime and contaminants, it will eventually degrade, especially if left un-clean, exposed to UV light and/or heat. It is recommended that vehicle graphics should be cleaned on a regular basis or whenever it appears dirty. Ideally, a vehicle wrap should be cleaned every 2 weeks. This ensures that optimal visual appearance is maintained for the life of the wrap. Spot cleaning of surface contaminants like bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and tar is required immediately after it appears, as it can stain and damage the PVC film. This is also true of gasoline and other fuels. Spot cleaning with Avery Dennison Cleaners …or Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean non-abrasive rag. It is crucial to remember that chemicals can damage a wrap or even paint. Always test these solvents in an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the wrap. Always rinse the surface with clean water following the use of any cleaning agent. Chemicals should be free from abrasive components. pH balance of the chemicals should be between 5 and 9. Do not use any aromatic solvents such as acetone, M.E.K., toluene, paint thinner or lacquer Thinner. A waterless wash or spray wax can also be used as long as the vehicle isn’t too dirty. These products can help maintain the gloss level and performance of the film. If the vehicle is not overly dirty, this is the preferred method. Avery Dennison’s Wrap Care Cleaner, Power Cleaner and Sealant are recommended for maintaining vinyl wraps. When hand washing, the first step is to pre-rinse the vehicle with clean water, thus avoiding scratching the surface. Gently wash with a mild soapy water solution and a sponge, start at the top of the vehicle and work down. Avoid abrading the film surface with unnecessary scrubbing. Rinse the wrap thoroughly with clean water when finished. Allow the wrap to dry naturally or to aviod water spotting immediately use a silicone squeegee to remove water and then finish drying with a Chamois, micro-fiber towel or soft non-abrasive towel. Be careful to not lift the film edges. Detergent should be free from abrasive components, strong solvents and alcohols. Detergents should have a pH balance between 5 and 9. Always test the detergent in an inconspicuous spot on the vehicle wrap before using.”

Basically, wash your Vehicle vinyl wrap, use automated car washes with caution, follow manufacturer recommendations, and otherwise don’t stress too much about it.

Can you wrap a car any color?

Manufacturers of Vehicle vinyl wrap products each release their own color palettes. When considering if you can wrap a car literally ANY color, the answer is no, and almost. No, because you’re constrained by the color selection that the vinyl wrap manufacturers have released. Almost, because they have released a LOT of colors. In most cases, between 3M and Avery Dennison, you’re almost certain to find something to fit the bill.

Can you wrap a car with paint chips?

Yes, you can wrap a car with Paint chips, but the divots will probably show through the vinyl. Vehicle vinyl wrap does not hide any underlying flaws. Depending on the size and depth of the paint chip, it may show right through the vinyl as an indentation. You're always better off getting a vinyl wrap (or clear bra) before your paint gets chipped. Barring that, you could consider having a small amount of paint or body work done. Again, it really depends on the severity of the chipping. Getting the opinion of a professional wrap installer BEFORE you decide on a wrap is always a good idea. If you're anywhere in or around Charlotte, feel free to show KMF Customz and we'll tell it to you straight!

Does car wrap fade?

Some car wraps fade quite badly over time, but others don't. The difference between those that fade and those that don't? It's probably down to the following two factors:

1. The quality of the Vehicle vinyl wrap itself. Top-tier vinyl manufacturers such as Avery Dennison and The 3M Company have invested considerable into their materials science and their wraps hold up well. Other brands, not so much. 

2. The amount of sun exposure. The quality of the vinyl matters, for sure, but let’s face it: the sun is harsh on surfaces, and that includes even the most quality Vehicle vinyl wrap. A top-quality wrap kept out of the sun will far outlast a top-quality wrap on a Vehicle exposed to lots of solar radiation.
Smart owners of a wrapped vehicle invest in Ceramic coating, which protects and extends the life and luster of the vinyl.

Can you wrap a car white?

Absolutely, you can wrap a car white. Not just white, but any number of shades of white. Or sheens: you can wrap your Vehicle satin white, pearlescent white, gloss white, off-white, and so many other variations on white. If you're considering a white Vehicle vinyl wrap, your biggest challenge may be deciding which white is right for you. If you're in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, feel free to call KMF Customz at (704) 761 8818 for a consultation on the types of white available from top manufacturers of Vehicle vinyl wrap!

Can you wrap a Tesla?

Yes, of course you can wrap a Tesla. Many Tesla owners take such pride in their magnificent whips that they happily invest into personalizing them. After all, whether you drive a Model X, Model S, or any Tesla model, driving a Tesla is already something of a statement; but driving a Tesla in a totally different colorway than any other Tesla on the roads? That’s taking prestige to a whole different level. If you’re a Charlotte, NC Tesla owner, let KMF Customz handle your Tesla Vehicle vinyl wrap!

Can you wrap carbon fiber?

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, commonly called carbon fiber or abbreviated CFRP, should not be wrapped over. This is not to say that it absolutely cannot be, but given that there are so many weaves of carbon fiber, and so many different types of Vehicle vinyl wrap from so many different manufacturers, the safest bet is to not do it. Plus, why in the world would you want to? Carbon fiber is expensive and trendy, and if you’re lucky enough to have it on your Vehicle you should let it show! Here at KMF Customz, we're usually putting carbon fiber wrap onto a car to cover up other surfaces, not covering up the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer on the Vehicle!

Do Car Wraps come off easily? 

The ease with which a wrap comes off depends on the following factors:

• The quality of the wrap when it was originally applied. Vehicle vinyl wrap from high-quality manufacturers like 3M and Avery Dennison is designed to come off easily, leaving your paint intact. Low-quality brands may use cheap adhesives that leave an absolute mess, or worse, take off some of your Paint.
• The duration of time the wrap has been on the Vehicle. Newer wraps will come off easier, all other things being equal.
• The amount of sun exposure the wrap had, and also the temperatures. Heat and sun baking a wrap year after year can make a nightmare of wrap removal, especially if the wrap was poor quality to begin with (see above). 

So, ideally, you’ve used a quality Vehicle vinyl wrap from a respected manufacturer, have kept your vehicle out of extended sun exposure, and are opting for removing your wrap before its expiration date. Bravo. Now, if you are anywhere in or near Charlotte and want KMF Customz to help you with your removal, call us at (704) 761 8818 and we’ll be happy to help!

Does a vehicle wrap ruin the paint?

No, a vehicle wrap does not ruin the paint, unless it is a very poor quality product. Stick with top-tier brands of Vehicle vinyl wrap and you'll be fine. Not only does a Vehicle vinyl wrap NOT ruin the paint, it actually preserves it by shielding it from small road gravel (that would otherwise cause rock chips), bird droppings, and other corrosive influences. 

Does Chrome wrap scratch?

Does chrome Vehicle vinyl wrap scratch? Sure, if you scratch hard enough! Don't scratch it.

How do I protect my vinyl wrap? 

You can extend the life of your Vehicle vinyl wrap by keeping your Vehicle out of the sun as much as possible and also by keeping the wrap clean with regular washing. If you want to really protect it, opt for Ceramic coating, Paint protection film, or both. Ceramic coating contains actual Ceramic nanoparticles that bond in an ultrahard finish to shield your Vehicle vinyl wrap. Paint protection film, or clear bra as it is often called, is a tough, transparent Polyurethane that can be applied over your Vehicle vinyl wrap on the front end (Bumper, Hood, Fenders, etc) to absorb road gravel.

Does carbon fiber wrap look real?

There are many types of vehicle vinyl wrap that look like Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, commonly known as carbon fiber. Some of these have the actual carbon fiber texture, while others are completely smooth and only look like carbon fiber from a slight distance. If you're in the Charlotte area, come by KMF Customz to have a look at our carbon fiber sample and see which is right for you!

What is a vehicle decal?

The term Decal, when applied to Vehicle graphics, simply refers to a printed Sticker that can be as small as a bumper sticker or as large as a full Vehicle vinyl wrap or full Vehicle Graphics. KMF Customz can design, print, and install your Decal on your entire vehicle, on your Window (as a Perforation that allows you to see out of your vehicle windows), or on some part of your Vehicle (for example, on your Door, Hood, Roof, or other part of your Paint). Your Decal could be branded with your Business logo and message, or it could be personal to you. We can also do a Decal on your Storefront, a Wall decal (interior or exterior), or any other type of graphic Decal you could want!

How much does a car logo cost? 

Printed Vehicle graphics with your Business logo can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars or as expensive as a few thousand dollars. It really depends on the following factors:

• The type of Vehicle you own. Large vehicles such as Food trucks cost more, obviously, than small Sports cars, just because the Vehicle is so much larger
• The amount of the Vehicle you want to cover with the Vehicle graphics. For example, do you want to have a small Logo Decal on your Door or do you want your Business Logo to cover half of your Vehicle? Or maybe even your whole vehicle (a full Vehicle vinyl wrap with printed Vehicle graphics)?
• The type of Vehicle vinyl wrap you choose for your Logo to be printed on. Most basic colors will be the same price, but if you opt for something flashy such as Chrome or a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer look, your Logo will cost more money simply because those types of Vinyl cost more.
• The Brand or Manufacturer of the Vehicle vinyl wrap. Some Print shops will print Vehicle graphics onto cheap vinyl. KMF Customz uses on the best Vehicle vinyl wrap brands from manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison.

If you have more questions about prices for Vehicle vinyl graphics, including your Business Logo on your car, Truck, or van, please call KMF Customz at (704) 761 8818 today for a free estimate!

What type of stickers can go on cars?

You should never put a Sticker on cars unless they are specifically designed to function as Vehicle graphics and are made by respected Vehicle vinyl wrap brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison, and other top-tier manufacturers. Many stickers have the wrong type of adhesive and will damage your Vehicle Paint—or will not come off cleanly when it’s time to remove them. In contrast, a Decal printed on proper Vehicle vinyl wrap material will protect and preserve your Vehicle Paint and is designed to come off cleanly when you’re ready to remove it. Contact KMF Customz today if you’re interested in a free estimate for a printed Decal or other type of Vehicle graphics!

How can I turn a picture into a car decal?

A professional Vehicle graphics company can take your image—provided the resolution is high enough—and blow it up as large as it needs to be. If you want the Graphics to cover your entire Vehicle, then the size will depend on what Vehicle you own and its square footage. If you want a smaller Decal, say for your Door or Hood, then the Vehicle graphics company can easily do that as well.

Using Large format printing capabilities, the Vehicle graphics shop will print out your image onto special Vehicle vinyl wrap material from a manufacturer such as 3M or Avery Dennison. This type of vinyl is specially designed to cling tightly to your Vehicle paint and come off cleanly in the future when you’re ready to remove the Decal.

Whether you opt for full Vehicle graphics or a twelve-inch Decal, your image will be spread across your car with the help of a skilled Vehicle graphics professional!

How effective is car wrap advertising?

Vehicle graphics get noticed by the majority of viewers, and there are studies to back this up. People get tired of seeing regular Advertising—both on traditional media such as a Billboard, and also online—but having your Business brand on a Car, Truck, Van, or other Vehicle is a terrific way to be noticed and remembered!

How much does it cost to wrap a car with advertising?

Vehicle graphics to advertise your Business have a wide price range depending on how much of your Vehicle you want your Vehicle graphics to cover and also the complexity of the Logo and other Design elements. For example, if you merely want a Decal on both doors, your price could be as low as a couple hundred dollars. If you have a Food truck and want the entire Vehicle wrapped in Vehicle graphics, the price will certainly run into a few thousand dollars.

KMF Customz is always happy to provide free estimates for your Vehicle graphics if you give us a call or message us and tell us what you’re working on!

Can I advertise my business on my car in North Carolina?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no specific laws in North Carolina preventing you from advertising your business on your car with Vehicle graphics. If there were, then a lot of business owners would be afoul of those laws. However, KMF Customz never gives legal advice and you're best off to consult an attorney if you want to be absolutely certain.

How much does it cost to wrap your truck?

Vehicle vinyl wraps for pickup trucks can be a few hundred dollars for wrap accents (Roof wrap, carbon fiber on mirrors, Racing stripe) all the way up to several thousand dollars for elaborate full Vehicle graphics. That is a wide range, and you have all sorts of in-between options in that range for Vehicle vinyl wraps!

What does a wrap do?

A Vehicle vinyl wrap allows you to

• Change the Color of your Vehicle
• Advertise your business with Vehicle Graphics printed on the wrap with your Logo and other Graphics. Vehicle Graphics are one of the very best forms of Advertising for local businesses!
• Personalize your vehicle with custom printed designs or messages
• Give your Vehicle some flair with Racing stripe, Hood wrap, or other partial Vehicle vinyl wrap accents

A Vehicle vinyl wrap will also preserve your Paint by protecting it from bird droppings, road salt, small rocks and gravel, hard water deposits, and all of the other things that wear down Vehicle Paint

What is the process of getting vehicle graphics? 

The process of getting Vehicle graphics is fairly straightforward.

• Select a local Vehicle graphics shop. Be sure to ask what Brand of Vehicle vinyl wrap they use. Correct answers include 3M and Avery Dennison, and never off-brand or cheap vinyl that will fade quickly.
• Develop the graphics in collaboration with the Vehicle Graphics designer at the shop. If you already have the Graphics you want on your Vehicle, the Graphic designer will need to merely set those graphics in a Vehicle wrap template so that they lay correctly across the vehicle. They should be able to show you a mock-up of what your Vehicle will look like with the Graphics. If you don’t have any Graphics, the designer can work with you to develop some based on any ideas or general aesthetic direction you have. Be aware that a lot of back-and-forth eats up the designer’s time and can run up quite a bill. Generally, the Vehicle Graphics shop will give you an estimate that includes basic graphics layout, printing, and installation of the wrap—but not additional Graphic design work. So, if you don’t know what you want and you use their designer to figure it out, be prepared to pay accordingly.
• Depending on the particular Vehicle graphics shop, pay the downpayment so they can get started. Most Vehicle Graphics companies require a 50% deposit to cover upfront costs, and then 50% when the Vehicle is completed.
• Sit back and wait. Usually, your Vehicle will need to be in the shop for a couple of days, but sometimes as many as three or four.
• Go pay the remainder of your bill and collect your Vehicle from the Vehicle Graphics company.

How do I make my own car decals?

To make your own car Decal, you will need the following:

• Graphics that are going on the Decal
• A Digital printer capable of printing on Vehicle vinyl wrap
• Vinyl vehicle wrap material such as 3M or Avery Dennison (don’t settle for cheap vinyl)
• A way to cut out your Decal in the appropriate shape (such as a perfect circle

Print your graphics onto the Vinyl vehicle wrap material in the appropriate dimensions, cut out the shape, and apply it to your Vehicle (make sure the application area is clean).

If all of this sounds tedious and technical, it’s because making a Decal is beyond the reach of the average person. You’re much better to engage a local Vehicle Graphics company to handle the Decal for you. Vehicle graphics shops already own all the necessary equipment and are very efficient when it comes to Decal design, printing, and installation.

Can I put a logo on my car?

Yes, you can put a Logo on your Vehicle. You have a few options.

• Have your Logo printed onto a Decal that will be applied to your Vehicle Paint.
• Have your Logo printed onto Window film that will cover one or more of your Vehicle windows (the rear window is a common choice for this). Your Window film will have Perforaton so that you can see right out through it, yet people outside looking in will see your Logo or graphic.
• Have your Logo printed onto a full (or partial) Vehicle vinyl wrap that will be cling to your Vehicle Paint and cover it like a second skin. If you go the full wrap route, you can include many other graphic elements besides your Business Logo; essentially you can turn your Vehicle into a mobile Billboard for your Brand.

Can I change oil filter without changing oil?

Your Oil filter is designed to last as long as your Engine oil, so it should be changed every time your car has an Oil change. There is no reason to change your Oil filter without an Oil change being done at the same time.

What causes suspension damage?

Your Car suspension can wear out from many miles of use, especially if you have driven your Vehicle over rough roads for extended periods. All the jarring and jostling wears on your Shock absorber and strut components until they finally have little “bounce” remaining. Sometimes, a single large shock to the suspension, say by a vehicle becoming airborne and impacting the ground wheels-first, or perhaps from an especially large bump or pothole at high speeds, is enough to cause suspension damage all on its own.

What happens when a radiator overheats?

Radiators most commonly overheat when the Radiator coolant gets too low, which usually occurs from a Radiator leak. When this happens, serious Engine damage can occur if the Engine continues to run, and eventually the Engine will seize. Radiator issues are not something to take lightly! If you’re in the Charlotte area and are experiencing Radiator trouble, call KMF Customz for help!

How do you fix a radiator that overheats?

If your Radiator overheats, most likely you have a leak that causes your Radiator coolant to become too low. However, it is also possible that your Radiator fan has an issue, though this is far less common. If the issue is a Radiator leak, the leak could be in the Radiator hoses or in the Radiator itself. If the leak is in the Radiator hoses, check your Radiator hose clamps and fittings for any sign of leakage. Radiator hose leaks can usually be fixed by tightening or replacing the Radiator hose clamps. If the leak is in the Radiator itself, you should see signs of drippage from the Radiator bottom. Sometimes, leaks in the Radiator proper can be stopped with Radiator sealant, which you can buy at most Automotive repair stores. Other times, the issue may require a qualified Mechanic.

How much does it cost to fix an exhaust?

Exhaust repair costs vary widely depending on whether the issue is a simple Exhaust leak that can be quickly welded, or whether you need a new Muffler or Catalytic converter. Your Exhaust system consists of many different components, some of which are easily repaired or replace with minimal costs; others are much more expensive. If you are in the greater Charlotte area and are experiencing trouble with your Exhaust system, give KMF Customz a call at (704) 761 8818 so we can diagnose your Exhaust system issue and get you going again!

Can I just replace brake pads and not rotors?

Each Brake pad is designed for a shorter lifespan than its respective Brake rotor, so your brake pads should be replaced more often than the rotors. Have each Brake pad inspected by a Mechanic, or upon having a Tire rotation. If your brake pads are worn beyond the minimum level, it’s time for a Brake pad replacement all around. Your rotors, as well, will eventually become too worn and will need to be replaced, but this will occur far less frequently than Brake pad replacement.

KMF Customz loves our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina!

Charlotte is an amazing city to live and work, and we at KMF Customz are fortunate to serve Charlotte businesses and vehicle owners. Below are a few interesting facts about Charlotte, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina. Its modern city center (Uptown) is home to the Levine Museum of the New South, which explores post–Civil War history in the South, and hands-on science displays at Discovery Place. Uptown is also known for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which celebrates the sport of auto racing through interactive exhibits and films.
Elevation: 761′
Weather: 82°F (28°C), Wind E at 4 mph (6 km/h), 50% Humidity
Local time: Tuesday 11:34 AM
Population: 872,498 (2018)
Mayor: Vi Lyles
Area code: Area code 704
Charlotte is the most populous city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Located in the Piedmont, it is the county seat of Mecklenburg County. In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population was 885,708, making it the 15th-most populous city in the U.S. and the second-largest in the Southeast behind Jacksonville, Florida. The city is the cultural, economic, and transportation center of the Charlotte metropolitan area, whose population ranks 23rd in the U.S., and had a population of 2,569,213, in 2018.[5] The Charlotte metropolitan area is part of a sixteen-county market region or combined statistical area with a 2018 census-estimated population of 2,728,933. Residents are referred to as ""Charlotteans"".

Charlotte is home to the corporate headquarters of Bank of America, Truist Financial, and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo, which along with other financial institutions has made it the second-largest banking center in the United States since 1995.

Among Charlotte's many notable attractions, some of the most popular include the Carolina Panthers (NFL), the Charlotte Hornets (NBA), the NASCAR All-Star Race, the Wells Fargo Championship, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Charlotte Ballet, Children's Theatre of Charlotte, Carowinds amusement park, and the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Charlotte has 199 neighborhoods radiating in all directions from Uptown.[37] Biddleville, the primary historic center of Charlotte's African American community, is west of Uptown, starting at the Johnson C. Smith University campus and extending to the airport.[38] East of The Plaza and north of Central Avenue, Plaza-Midwood is known for its international population, including Eastern Europeans, Greeks, Middle-Easterners, and Hispanics.[39] North Tryon and the Sugar Creek area include several Asian American communities. NoDa (North Davidson), north of Uptown, is an emerging center for arts and entertainment.[40] Myers Park, Dilworth, and Eastover are home to some of Charlotte's oldest and largest houses, on tree-lined boulevards, with Freedom Park nearby.[41]

The SouthPark area offers shopping, dining, and multifamily housing. Far South Boulevard is home to a large Hispanic community. Many students, researchers, and affiliated professionals live near UNC Charlotte in the northeast area known as University City.[42]

The large area known as Southeast Charlotte is home to many golf communities, luxury developments, churches, the Jewish community center, and private schools. As undeveloped land within Mecklenburg has become scarce, many of these communities have expanded into Weddington and Waxhaw in Union County.[43] Ballantyne, in the south of Charlotte, and nearly every area on the I 485 perimeter, has experienced rapid growth over the past ten years.

Since the 1980s in particular, Uptown Charlotte has undergone massive construction of buildings, housing Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Hearst Corporation, Duke Energy, several hotels, and multiple condominium developments.
The 120 acre Park Road Park is a prominent landmark near the SouthPark area.[45] Park Road Park features eight basketball courts, two horseshoe pits, six baseball fields, five picnic shelters, volleyball courts, playgrounds, trails, tennis courts, and an eleven-acre lake.[46] The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Parks & Recreation Department operates 36 tennis facilities and the 12 lighted tennis courts at the park.[47]

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